1. M

    Windows Hardware Errors for PCI/PCIe Bus Errors - Myst

    Hello, my friends recently checked on my pc and found out I had WHEA problems. My PC seems fine which is why I am lost on why I even get these errors. My friends recommended to buy a new GPU to test on my motherboard to see if the GPU is the issue. However, I figured I'd ask here. Anyways, if...
  2. G

    Is there a way to hide the grid in the monitoring windows?

    And if there isn't, I would kindly request for this feature to become a thing. :D I have searched for this feature (without success, hence this post) and found plenty of filled requests from the Dev. Here's hoping PS: If anybody has general monitoring advice I'd love to hear it. I have been a...
  3. P

    Is this thermal limit for my GPU that kept restarting my Acer Nitro 5?

    Hi, I'm having problems with my Acer Nitro 5 laptop and I already exhausted most possible solutions in the internet (updated drivers, disabled fast boot, tweaked the maximum cpu performance, cleaned the fans and repasted the cpu/gpu), the problem is my laptop kept on restarting during heavy...
  4. G

    Help with the hwinfo64 stats

    Hi, I'm new to this monitoring app and I wanted to know (through the screenshots I posted) if my cpu values are optimal and if the general values and usage are correct. Thanks in advance for your attention
  5. H

    PC randomly reboots since April?

    I've been having trouble with my PC since April, it randomly shuts down and reboots no matter what I'm doing. It's happened when gaming, drawing, and just browsing - I don't see any immediately noticeable common thread. At first a part was unseated, but I've checked just about every time since...
  6. S

    Performance limit - utilization is toggled to Yes

    What does this performance limit utilization mean at the gpu section? It's now set permanently to yes after some time passes when im idle even when i game it still does not go away. Idk what else happens but the game is buttery smooth no issues and all that. I think it was already set to yes but...
  7. R

    GPU PCIe +12V Input Power Spiking to 13W+

    Is this normal/safe? Seeing spikes all over the place. Just added a CableMod extension cable to my setup not too long ago; haven't seen this with Nvidia's cable. Snippet from log: GPU PCIe +12V Input Power [W] 5.629 5.893 5.819 5.846 6.038...
  8. D

    Error in Event Viewer Kernel Driver (v172)

    I have this message in event viewer: The HWiNFO Kernel Driver (v172) service failed to start due to the following error: This driver has been blocked from loading I can't figure out what to do to stop it from coming up, it seems to coincide with the usb connect/disconnect sound being randomly...
  9. P

    current, max, min, or avg when diagnosing cpu?

    should I be looking at the current, minimum, maximum, or average temps when trying to see if my cpu is getting too hot? this was taken seconds after a one hour long gaming session. ik 95 C is friggin hot but if it only peaks at 95 for a bit and keeps a low avg is it a problem? im only worried...
  10. K

    Possible malware - Computer brand name changed over multiple resets

    Hi, this is not exactly related to HWiNFO, but in the app and in neofetch, the computer brand name/host is not the original - I believe this has something to do with some sort of malware, however i have reset my BIOS, and also reinstalled windows. Not exactly sure what to do
  11. S

    Sensor Status for Asus Z790-F Gaming Wifi

    Hi, the following sensors do not work or show nothing - see pictures :) Motherboard: Asus Z790-F Gaming Wifi Would be great if someone can help me! Thanks
  12. C

    PCI/PCIe Bus Errors

    Hello! I was browsing casually through Google Chrome, watching some videos etc.. while having the HWinfo run in the background and I noticed that HWinfo is showing 22 PCI/PCIe Bus Errors. Is there a way for me to find out what caused those errors? Thanks in advance.
  13. U

    SSD now showing "drive temperature 3"

    Hello, my HWINFO started showing an extra drive temperature on my SSD Samsung EVO 960 1TB. I did install a newer version of HWINFO so maybe thats why it showed up but I was just about this new sensor because it is showing the my NVME is at 68C while idle while the other 2 sensors are at 40C...
  14. R

    PC Crash

    My PC suddenly crash whenever I play any game for more than 30-40mins. I have recently upgraded my PC except my GPU though I recently changed the thermal paste and thermal pads on my GPU. My PC Specs: - Processor - I5 12400F MB – MSI PRO B660M-A DDR4 RAM – 16GB DDR4 3200MHz CL-16 PSU – NZXT...
  15. I

    Is there a way to disable the alarms when a certain program is running?

    I have my laptop's alarms set to go off when its temperature goes over 80C and when its battery goes under 30 or over 80% which works pretty fine normally, but when I use it to run something in VR it's basically guaranteed to exceed the alarm thresholds. constantly hearing my alarm sound in game...
  16. R

    micro stuttering 3080, 3900x

    I have been having problems with micro stuttering for a while. I have tried everything to fix them but nothing has worked. i recently did a hwinfo check and wanted to see if any experts can help me pinpoint the problem. Build: ryzen 9 3900x gigabyte b550 aorus nvidia gefore 3080 32gb ram...
  17. J

    Diagnosis help, windows 10 black screen

    Hello HWiNFO community! For the past few months I've been having problems with my PC. It started with me getting a black screen while playing intensive games (the screen went black, the audio glitched and holding the power button down for a few seconds is the only way out). Then it started...
  18. J

    After uninstallation hwinfo still pops up after starting my PC

    After uninstallation hwinfo still pops up after start i successfully uninstalled hwinfo but it starts every time when i start my pc again.
  19. Kojimada

    Need instructions on how to get HWiNFOMonitor working in Windows 10

    Hello, I found HWiNFO while looking for a hardware monitor widget to see if it would display system information in a format that I am needing. Looking through the add-ons, I believe that the Monitor add-on is indeed what I need. However, looking through the site and forums, there appears to be...