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    Help understanding logs

    Hi everyone, I've been having issues with my computer completely shutting down whenever I am running something intense. No blue screen or anything, it just suddenly powers down and then instantly reboots. This happens usually when I play more intensive video games (Overwatch, Ori and the Blind...
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    Crash and restart playing subnautica

    Sorry if this is the wrong place for this, but i am having crashes (full system shutdown) when playing subnautica. I can play for 30-40min when i reinstall the game, but then I will crash every 3-5mins. I attached a log I made. This is on a clean install of windows, fresh driver installs, and an...
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    USB Device speed lower than whats supported

    Hello HWinfo community. Does anyone know why it says that my mice's USB Version supported is 2.00, but it is running 1.1 Full-speed, even though its connected to a 2.0 port? The same info is displayed for a few other devices as well. I also got a usb 3.0 hub, which is connected to a USB 3.1...
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    [HELP] hwi 630 or any other version crashes while detecting sensors

    Hi folks, title says it all... issue started a week ago
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    Need help with my 9560 EC controls

    Hello everyone ! Im playing my last card regarding this issue with this post, as ive researched for months now without being able to solve it. Ive read people on this forum were able to put together a solution, but ive never been able to reproduce it. The most helpful post came from this forum...
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    CORE7 T1 USAGE 90% and 10 grades more than the other cores

    is this normal when i play league of legends? im confused
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    HWiNFO64 won't run at all

    I'm trying to run HWiNFO64 on my system but this is what I keep getting: I've attached the debug file. I'm running Windows 1909, and I've removed all RGB lighting software and monitoring software. I've tried all versions from 6.00 -> 6.22. Really at a loss. Any help appreciated!
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    Can someone explain the different CPU temps and what they mean?

    I think the individual core temps are just that temps for every core individually Distance to TjMAX has something to do with throttling I think No idea whats a CPU package CPU max is the highest temp from individual ones Is the second CPU package different? No idea what CPU IA and CPU GT mean.