Corsair H115i Platinum USB Disconnect


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When running HWiNFO64 windows will sound the USB Disconnect sound. I was watching the "Devices and Printers" window while this was happening and noticed my Corsair H115i Platinum disconnecting and then reconnecting randomly. This only happens when i have HWiNFO64 running while playing games. I reported this to Corsair support and they confirmed this is a known issue with HWiNFO64 and Corsair's iCUE software.

So my question is. Is it HWiNFO64 that needs updating to work with iCUE or iCUE needs updating to work with HWiNFO64?


I've also asked this question to Corsair support and awaiting a response.
Are you perhaps running the Corsair software along with HWiNFO? That could be causing the issues.
Yes I am running the Corsair software. I have this running mainly for the RGB profile. So you saying if I want to run HWiNFO I can't have the Corsair software running too?
Yes, the Corsair software doesn't play fair with others, so it can cause issues. This has been discussed several times on the forum.
Try without it to see if it's this case too.