CPU Usage Shows 0% During Gaming


Have the latest HWInfo and love it so far. However, during gaming, I see that the CPU usage says '0%' which is patently false since I have a 12900KF and game at 4K with all settings maxed out.

The setting I'm using is 'Total CPU Usage' which I believe takes the average (?) CPU usage across all cores and reports that - is that correct?

If that's the case, how do I just show the actual CPU usage? Prior to the 12900KF, I had the 10900K which had just 'regular' cores and not this 'P-Core/E-Core' business. When I selected CPU usage, it would show actual CPU usage like 20 - 50% depending on the app/game.

Now, for games that are quite CPU-intensive, like the new Spider-Man Remastered, the CPU usage shown on the OSD (MSI Afterburner) is '0%.'

How do I fix this?

An example:

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What does the "CPU Utility" show in such case?
Added CPU Utility and it shows ~ 90% CPU usage which seems ridiculously high. I know the Spider-Man game is very CPU intensive but with a 12900KF it should still be < 50% CPU usage iirc.

As you can see, the 'Total CPU Usage' still shows only 4% in the screenshot while the 'Total CPU Utility' shows 90% !!

"Total CPU Utility" (and "Core Utility") can go over 100% so showing 90% is not the same as 90% of "Total CPU Usage"

I dont really know what "CPU and Core Utility" really represent...
Hmm.. so neither of those settings gives me what I'm looking for - CPU usage. The average seems too low while the "utility" setting seems too high. So which setting do I use to show proper CPU usage? Why is this so convoluted when it was really straightforward before(?).
CPU Utility should match what Windows Task Manager shows. Here more details about the meaning: