Custom layout is increasingly buggy / hard to maintain.

I experienced things like:

- Some meter turning on only if another meter is turned on. (stack confusion in HWInfo)

- My layout being disrupted when something else shows up (new device)

- Therefore I needed to rebuild my custom layout many times over in the last month.


Can we have HWInfo to 100% ignore certain devices? I never need my Network or my disks in HWInfo and I do have a lot of disks (workstation). I do have "Disable drive scan" enabled (also SMART and the other checkboxes disabled) but I still see my drives.

Thank you :)
In the next Beta build I'll update it so that if Disk Scan is disabled, it will also skip the Disk Activity sensors.
Update: I have identified a few issues in custom sensor layout that I'll try to resolve in the next (Beta) build.