Did i damage my CPU or motherboard ?


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I have a Asus Tuf B550M motherboard, a Ryzen 7 5700X and an XPG Pylon 650w PSU.

I have installed a new cpu fan as well as some case fans.

I´ve tried to set the max frequency ( 4,6ghz) in ryzen master to test some temps

However , when i tried to do it , it asked me to also change the voltage (to 1,55v , maxvoltage) and when i did it my , cpu temperature was like 100 degrees in 5 seconds and the pc shut off

I´m wondering if this could cause any damage? i turned on the pc after just fine but i´m kinda worried

CPUs have some safety measures to prevent them from being damaged or killed. In simple cases it just throttles. In extreme cases the system just shuts off - just like you experienced.

Despite these safety features, applying high voltages for a longer period of time can (and probably will) degrade the CPU over time, so I advise against applying such high voltages unless you know what you're doing.

I suggest to stress the CPU at stock voltages with programs like Prime95, OCCT or y-cruncher to test the CPU performance, voltage and temperature. Repeat these tests/benchmarks if you intend to overclock to see if the overclock is stable.

No, that should not cause any damage. The CPU shuts down if the temperature reaches dangerous levels.