Display HWiNFO data on an Android or iOS device


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Pitikapp Remote Dashboard is an application that allows showing various information from your computer on a mobile device.

It also allows interaction with the mobile device to trigger actions on your computer, such as controlling media playback, playing a macro previously registered, or starting a program.

It offers extensive customization: colors, sizes, positions, ...


It is based on plugins loaded at startup, with a SDK to allow anyone to create a plugin. One of the default plugins can show any data avaiable in HWiNFO.


For more information and to download the application, visit pitikapp.com.

If you have questions, you can post them here, by email, or on social network platforms.

I hope you'll like it :)
Started using this app 3 days ago. Smple install, fairly intuitive gui and very efficient.

3 comments/ suggestions:

-Cannot use decimals in the Value Format tab. For Vcore this would be nice as putting a range of 0-2 is not very accurate. Being able to use 0.5 - 1.4 would be much more accurate.
-Thresholds do not accomodate absolute values, this require quite some calculations to have them trigger on temperature values using ranges and %.
-Icons cannot be resized when creating shortcuts (I created dos batch file for reboot and shutdown shortcuts, but the icons are not the same size so it looks weird on my phone).

Again thanks for this tool, I can now monitor my PC, with HWinfo, from my phone, from anywhere! My co-workers think i'm even more geek than before.
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Thanks for your feedback! I have added your first two comments to my list of future improvements to gauge configuration.

Regarding the icon sizes: if two widgets have the same size and the same title text size, the icons should have the same size. If the two icons have a different height/width ratio, then it won't work. I will try to add a parameter to tell how to scale up the image, and another one to add a height/width limit (though this is already limited by the size of the title). Meanwhile I recommend you edit your images to ensure they have the same ratio. PNG transparency is supported so you can just put them on a transparent square of the same size.

Glad you like my work!