Drive throughput queried despite disabled/hidden values.


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Greetings again,

This time I am not sure if it is a bug or intentional...

I have drive scans disabled in the settings as well as S.M.A.R.T Support and ATA Statistics Support so as to reduce overhead by disabling drive monitoring accordingly. Despite this, the drives are still queried through the sensors constantly checking I/O and throughput. Further, after disabling and hiding these values in the sensors the drives are still queried for IOCTL_DISK_PERFORMANCE accordingly for each drive.

I did not notice this until I'd noticed the queries showing up through Process Monitor while checking file and drive accesses.

Now I may be wrong but doesn't hiding a value group prevent them from being queried at all or am I being mistaken?


Drive performance statistics are queried independent on Drive Scan mode. Also as you have noticed disabling particular performance values won't completely disable these queries, because these are queried globally per sensor instance. You will need to disable the sensor heading to completely disable those queries.