Dual NZXT Kraken X52's


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Hi! I am wonder if someone can assist me with the following:

HWiNFO only displays a single NZXT Kraken x52 while two are present in the system (CPU and GPU). Any way to have it display the second one too?

Edit: Closing the CAM software and restarting HWiNFO shows me the second AIO cooler now. Any possibility to have them both running (software)?


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The CAM software doesn't allow other applications to access the cooler when it's running. You need to close CAM.
Well this is a bit of a letdown, for/from the NXZTY CAM software side that is.

I currently have a streamdeck setup with a plugin reading out the data from HWiNFO. When CAM is running, static values on the fan/pump and temp on the AIO's, closing down the CAM software however raises the fanspeed of both AIO's for whatever reason. There is no workaround for having both running?
No. CAM requests exclusive access to the device and in that case no other application can gain access.