EVGA ICX GPU Right Fan Sensor Bypassed If Scanned During Idle Fan Stop


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Noticed that the GPU Right Fan that shows the fan speed of the 3rd fan on some EVGA cards disappeared and the ICX sensor section was blank for me. Thought it was a firmware update as I recalled this worked a while back, but discovered that if you start Hwinfo while the card is at idle and fans aren't spinning, it will ignore the sensor completely and leave it off.

My card is an EVGA 3080 XC3 Ultra - no other ICX temperature sensors but the GPU Right Fan should always be there. Not sure what forcing the GPU Right Fan to always on for the ICX sensor will do to other cards - but suspect other EVGA cards with the 3rd fan see similar behavior/bug to mine. Current workaround is to make sure the card heats up before starting Hwinfo. Debug was taken during a scan when fans were at 0 rpm.


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This is because when a fan is not spinning it's not possible to determine whether it's momentary stopped or not present at all. Once it starts to spin, it will appear on the screen.
If you want to have it visible all the time you might use the "Show all fans (including stopped or not present)" sensor option, but that will probably show you also some others not present.