Fan control stopped working on Inspiron 15 7559


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The fan curve on the Inspiron sucks, even if the temps are at the 70s, the fans barely ramp up. The temps on the Inspiron with a room temp of 60, and when playing roblox, is 60c~ for cpu, and 65c~ for gpu. Using hwinfo, having the fans stay at 2400rpm keeps the temps below 60, but barely. I had placed a external fan under it, which kept temps at 55 and lower. Whenever I have the ac on, I keep the laptop near the vent, which lowers the temps to the 30s for cpu, and 40s for the gpu.
After the fans stopped working, temps are at 60s, even IF i keep the laptop directly over the ac vent (This is with a game playing). Nothing was updated, tried changing the temperature sensors in custom auto, updated both my laptop and HWinfo, from 7.30 to 7.42 and went back to 7.30. When I open the fan control the fans work for 6 seconds before stopping. Clicking on manual has the same effect. Using the system auto control method 1&2 doesn't turn the fans on even for 6 seconds.
Please help, as I won't be able to play games anymore on my laptop till I can find a solution. Also, it's roblox, what computer can't run roblox? I regret buying the Inspiron 15 7559. Never knew that dell has a horribly fan curve.
Try to enable the Respin with a period of < 6000 ms. That's all I can recommend.
It works, so thank for helping me. Also, I was wondering if I should keep the rpm at 2400, or at 4300.