Feature request: auto-logging at startup


Hi Martin,

first of all, thank you for the great software! I made a donation to support.

While reading the forum on how to activate auto-logging at startup I noticed there have already been several similar requests/questions:


Would it be possible to put this feature on the to-do list? Should you decide to implement it, also think about the rotation configuration for the log files.

Many thanks
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I'm sorry, but this feature is intentionally not implemented.
Fully automated monitoring/reporting is reserved for the HWiNFO SDK, which is a commercial product.

Thanks for you donation !
Fair enough.

But could you then point me to the product(s) that use the HWInfo SDK? I'm looking for exactly what you said - fully automated monitoring/reporting.
Those products are quite different and each is using the sensors data in a different manner. So it depends on your requirements.
If you're interested in the SDK then please contact me directly via e-mail.
I'm primarily interested in monitoring temperatures (CPU, PCH, HDDs) plus SMART information from the HDDs with automatic logging and alarming.

HWInfo64 has everything I need except for 2 pieces that touch upon the automation:

1) It lacks the proper Windows service mode in order to be able to start without any users logged on.
2) Auto-logging at startup.

Now, if you say such features are not implemented intentionally in the free product, I understand that. But can you then suggest a commercial offering where they are implemented?

I'm not interested in the SDK.

I'm sorry, but I'm not aware of such a commercial product.
Most of them are quite specific for a given project.
Hi Martin,

just wanted to check whether there are any updates on this, e.g. whether you're still considering to add these features (potentially in a paid version)?

I've also updated the top post by links to two new threads by other users requesting the same functionality.

Yes, this is still under consideration as part of a potential paid "Pro" version.
It's becoming more and more difficult to keep the current free model to cover the increasing effort and direct/indirect costs involved.