Flight Simulator 2020 crashing NVLDDMKM ID14



I discovered a new issue on my PC: When I use HWinfo to monitor while running FS2020 (logging in 3 second intervals), there will be about 2-4 NVLDDMKM ID 14 in the eventlog, with the outcome of FS2020 crashing to desktop. First I reverted everything back to stock, even RAM and CPU (the GPU was undervoltet) and tried different BIOS versions and older drivers. Since nothing helped, I closed HWinfo more by coincidence, than planned and the problem disappeared.
The crashes come up in a few minutes, sometimes after about 20 minutes. Without HWinfo, there is no drivercrash at all, even after hours.

X570 Unify
4x 8GB DDR4 3600
RTX 2080

Is there any setting which could stress the NVapi to crash the driver? Afterburner is setting the voltage and clockspeeds, but doesn't monitor anything.

Thanks in advance
On this GPU HWiNFO uses only NVIDIA-provided functions to monitor it. So if there's such problem happening, it's in the NVIDIA drivers.
Why does this only happen with HWinfo and not with the Afterburner Monitoring? Is there an interference possible with other readouts?
This is quite difficult to tell without extensive testing.
Try to disable monitoring of items under the NVIDIA sensor if that will help. I'd start with disabling the entire heading and if that works, then go by each item to see if one if enabled is causing it.