GPU dropping to 0 Degrees immediately after exiting game (see Pics)


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Dell Inspiron 7577 GTX 1050ti i7

I have been researching and avoiding trying o bother you all with what may be an easy fix.....but I can't suss this one out!

I did discover that the Temperature Source for my GTX1050ti wasn't available in the Fan Control until it was actually running - fine, so I managed to get that working. But as soon as I exit a game the temp drops to ZERO in the sensors and the fan stops immediately (regardless of what the fan control settings are! this something to do with the NVIDIA Optimus tech? If so how can I get a reliable reading to facilitate a robust fan control?

Any ideas guys as I feel I am nearly there being able to cool down this machine when playing a game....but equally not being bugged by the fans when I am only browsing etc...


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Yes, this is most probably due to Optimus. In that stat it's not possible to poll the GPU for any values to avoid waking it up, so it can preserve power.