GPU temp/fan sensor not working right??


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I really like HWinfo64 but I'm having a major issue, I have a gtx1070 & the fans don't turn on until card hits 50c. It'll show my GPU temp in HWinfo until the temp hits 50c and the fans kick on, at that point the temp sensor disappears & changes into the fan sensor?
Well, that's a very odd behavior.
Have you changed order of sensor items, or disabled Fixed Order?
You might try to click "Restore Original Order" in the Sensor settings - Layout to see if that helps.
Ok so at first I had the sensors moved the way I liked them which I really enjoyed but that GPU sensor wasn't having it.. I changed it back to fixed order & that seems to have fixed the issue. Sucks but I guess I can get used to the fixed order.
Some glitch might have occurred between various versions and your preferred order.
Try to adjust the order again and see if that will held now.
same problem here.... the gpu sensor failed... and cause problems with msi afterburner!!!... and I update the last version now...