Hardware Failure ?


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Hello everyone !

My PC has been terrible lately. My screen freezes at random moments (mostly when I open Unreal Engine 4, but also when I'm just computing on Google Docs), I can see my pages, can't move my mouse and can hear sounds. I wanted to diagnose it and so I left HWInfo running and recording while I crashed, but I'm having a lot of trouble interpreting the results (I don't know what's supposed to be what in terms of values).

Would anyone here be able to read the log file and let me know where I should be looking ? I cleaned my pc physically, I restarted it (deleted files and windows) and resetted BIOS (I happened to change it a while ago) and I still am having issues and they're getting worse (5-10 times every day) and deleting all my works everytime.

All help is appreciated, please help me understand !

PS : I also am attaching a screenshot of the latest image to show on my PC after the freeze (the moment where I can't move my mouse anymore)


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If you have spare ram try it, if not while in bios try reduce ram clock speed to the lowest first example 1600 to 1000 if ddr4 2600 to 2100, if fixed its definitely ram issue, if still chrash 80% is mainboard issue or cpu core defect which unlikely but sill possible, gpu and psu also can create hung issue as well try swap with known good one