How do Intel Evo laptops compare in terms of thermal management and fan control?


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Hey everyone,

I've been considering upgrading to a new laptop, and I've heard quite a bit about Intel Evo laptops. However, one of the aspects I'm particularly concerned about is their thermal management and fan control. I thought this would be a great place to seek some insights and experiences from those who own or have used Intel Evo laptops.

In my current laptop, noisy fans and overheating are quite common during demanding tasks, and it can be really frustrating. So, I'm wondering how Intel Evo laptops fare in terms of thermal management and fan control. Do they keep the temperatures in check efficiently, and are the fans relatively quiet, especially during casual usage?

I'm really interested in your first-hand experiences and any advice you can provide, as it will greatly influence my decision in choosing an Intel Evo laptop. Thanks in advance for sharing your insights and helping me make an informed decision!
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