How to access startup settings for HWiNFO64?


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I'm having a hard time adjusting the startup parameters for HWiNFO because I can't get the settings window to reappear. The instructions I have read say to simply close the window and restart the program but when I do this the main and summary windows reappear without the settings/run dialog box. I have double checked the task manager to ensure the program is not running in the background as well. Even restarting my PC does not seem to work.

I have also read that you can access settings by right clicking the icon in the notifications tray while the program is running but I cannot see any kind of icon, hidden or not, in the tray:

Clicking on the main taskbar icon does not have the settings option either.

Any ideas? What should I be doing to access the settings menu?


It's quite strange that the tray icon does not appear.
Try to close HWiNFO, delete the HWiNFO64.INI file and then start it again.
And if deleting INI file doesnt work, try to set task bar to show all tray icons and not hide them. Maybe there is a glitch there.