How to align columns in OSD?


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Is there a way to align columns in OSD? I want each column to be aligned to the right, so the columns are not being moved left and right when values change. Example:


When my GPU is running at full speed the column is aligned, but when it is idling the column and column after it are moved to the left.

I tried using "Align digits" which doesn't really solve the issue.

Currently, on 7.02-4430 version, however the issue exists in previous versions as well.

Any solutions available? Thanks.
I think it would be best to show you with examples:

Original when idle (misaligned):

Original when GPU frequency at max (aligned):

Align digits (5) when idle (aligned):

Align digits (5) when GPU frequency at max (misaligned again):

Anchor point for Align digits option should be set differently.

Also, thank you for the fast reply!
I see. This is probably because you're using the same thousands and decimal separator and that's confusing (not just) HWiNFO.
Try for example to use a comma "," as the thousands separator.
Not probably, it indeed is so! Thank you so much!

I kept banging my head and searching for a solution the whole evening yesterday and it was me who caused the issue in the first place :D

Thanks again and have a great weekend!