HWI crash on sharedmemory enable


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%subj%,7.64 works (probably latest) with GPUI2CNVAPI=0 (not sure which version worked without i2c workaround,probably 7.62)
once i enable shared memory support,hwi crashes (or if enabled scashes on start),including log file where i enabled shared memory support after start (7.66)
thank you


  • HWiNFO64dbg.zip
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Which application or plugin that pulls data from HWiNFO do you use?
Can you try also the latest Beta build?
If that won't help, try to Reset Preferences in HWiNFO if that will maybe help.
well,that was it,not sure why,but quitting that app (goverlay) made hwi start without crashing(i had this problem for longer time,never had the idea to quit goverlay when testing,reboots were plenty,direct ini editing hwi config too) and now it is working correctly as before...really strange,if it was not for (somehow unconnected) i2c nvapi...
thanks for the help!