HWInfo and Corsair Link?


I installed a Corsair H100i GTX and the Link software recently.  I then tried to load HWInfo64 and got a message that it was not compatible with the Link Software.  I then updated HWInfo64 to the latest version (5.20) and it flashed a comment about being OK with Corsair Link (I think?).  But as you can see from the screen shot things aren't OK.  I do not have the Link Software running and I have uninstalled and reinstalled HWInfo64 several times with not success.  I have not tried disconnecting the USB cable used by the H100i GTX.  HWInfo64 is installed on several other systems and has no issues.  In fact, one of the systems is almost exactly the same hardware configuration except it has an old H100i where the pump and fans are being controlled by the MB.  Can someone please give me a hint on where I went wrong.  Thanks in advance.
I'm not sure what caused that, but it looks like several sensor values have been disabled. You can restore them back by selecting those values, right-click and choose Enable Monitoring.
If there are still some issues with how sensor values are shown, it might be good to do a "Reset Preferences" from the main HWiNFO settings.
I tried the "Reset Preferences" from the main HWiNFO settings and it had no effect. I can go in an enable each sensor and that seems to work. I can then play with "Monitor" and "Show" in the Layout tab. However, there are many that I would have to set one at a time. Is there some way to completely uninstall the program so that it will start fresh. Simply uninstalling and reinstalling has not effect. I think part of the problem was caused when I installed the Link software I had a version of HWiNFO setup with many of the sensors disabled and not showing so that only the ones I was watching were visible. Somehow when HWiNFO met Link it got messed up!
Uninstalling HWiNFO will still keep the user-defined settings in registry. This is to allow upgrading to a new version without loosing these settings.
Doing a "Reset Preferences" should completely erase all those settings so I'm really wondering why this doesn't work. Please try to do that again and then look in registry (run regedit), navigate to
and let me know if you see any values there. It should be empty.
Unbelievable, I did the "Reset Preferences" again and looked in the Registry and it was cleared out! HWiNFO is now working correctly! I don't know what I did differently the second time around except I had gone in and enabled a couple of the sensors individually per your suggestion. Oh well, thank you for the quick response and help.