HWINFO does not even start


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Hi there i had some issues with the HWINFO since the 6.03 version that version BSD my PC several times, so i uninstallit and try the 6.04, but it freezes my entire PC, i use the HWINFO with the MSI afterburner and the Riva TN, but since the latest Bios Update AGESA of the ROG STRIX X470-F GAMING, this program does not working, i dont know if the both things are the trouble os something but I had the HWINFO version 6.02 and works fine but when I upgrade the BIOS of my MOBO to version 4602 and upgrade to version of HWINFO 6.03 the things starts to getting weird first the sistem do a several BSD every time Starts the HWINFO because i had the HWINFO on automatic starts with the system starts so I uninstall and now this new version only starts fine when I run it the first time before the setup and I try to put it togheter with the windows Starts but it never even show or starts dont work anymore, please help...  :huh:

There is the only thing I can do with the new version of HWINFO a full report of my system...



Setting the "DEBUG" option fix the windows start issue like a magic charm now it opens when windows starts witout a trouble
This is a BIOS bug, which doesn't properly implement monitoring support.
This problem should have been resolved in a new BIOS update, but it looks like this didn't happen yet.
I will check this with ASUS.