HWiNFO Issue with iCue


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Hello, I've been using my commander pro for 3 years now and have also been using HWiNFO for longer. Within the last few months (I think back in May or June) I haven't been able to edit my cooling info in iCue. I've figured out it is an issue with iCue when HWiNFO is open but it didn't used to be like this. I was running an older version of HWiNFO, then after updating it is when I started to have my issue.
There were no changes in HWiNFO in iCue support for the last couple of months, so I think it's rather some update in iCue.
You cannot reliably run iCue with any other monitoring software, there are many threads about it (also explaining why) on this forum.
Maybe during the update, the Corsair/asetek support was enabled in HWinfo?
You have to disable it when using it along with iCUE or it will completely mess the data iCUE sees, or even make the Commander pro dissapear from the iCUE interface on and off.