HWinfo keeps "detecting ATA/..." with drive scan disabled


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Hi Guys,

is it possible to make HWinfo not scan for drives on "sensors only" startup? The setting in "Safety/disable drive scan" does not seem to do that.

Win10 w/ latest Hwinfo64 version.

Thanks, BR,
Disabling drive scan does indeed skip drive detection. In such case only some very basic drive information is retrieved, but I will adjust this to completely skip everything.
Hi Martin,

thanks for the reply. Just to make sure I understand this correctly....

It currently is expected that all my hard drives get started up even with disabled drive scan?

No, that's not expected. It might depend on particular drive/firmware how it handles the few basic queries performed when drive scan is disabled.
This shall be changed in the next version of HWiNFO, so you can check then how it will behave.