Hwinfo make my Laptop freezed


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I'm using Alienware 17 R2. I create two account in windows 8.1.

In the first account eveything seems normal, but when I login to second account and start HWinfo it freezed my laptop immediately after I press Run. I must hard reset and create new Hwinfo folder so it will not hang my laptop again.

My problem here is when login to second account, I doing something I can't remember, but because I let it auto start each time windows start. Now everytime I'm trying to login to it, it freeze my laptop on second account. I still can login to first one with Hwinfo auto start normally. How can I remove Hwinfo autostart on my second account so I can login again without delete the second account out of my windows?

p/s: I access my laptop via Teamviewer, so if it freeze I must asking someone near it to reset for me, It a bit off right now.
This is a really odd behavior, since using different accounts should not make such a difference.
To change the Auto Start status, you can either disable it in HWiNFO / Settings, or go into Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Windows Task Scheduler and disable the HWiNFO task there.