HWInfo refuses to auto-load (sensors or summary) on startup. Tried everything. actually frustrated


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Operator error all along. Edited to remove frustration and to add thanks. See below for fix details, if you stumble upon this with a similar issue
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Enable the Auto Start option in HWiNFO, click OK to save the settings and then open Windows Task Scheduler if you see the HWiNFO task.
all of this huffing and puffing... and it was operator error the whole time. until you suggested it, I thought that 'show system summary on startup' was the option I was looking for. more embarrassingly, help articles probably explained the correct way, and I went on to continue assuming that I was doing what it prescribed, when I wasn't. there it is, and THANKS SO MUCH. not only for the help, but for a great product
You're welcome. I see that I need to adjust wording at least in the tooltip so that this will be more clear.