HWinfo reporting incorrect TDC/EDC/PPT values


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I have manually set values for TDC/EDC/PPT in BIOS. But HWinfo (currently using version 7.07-4505 beta), reports the default values, but not the ones I have set.
Bellow is screenshot comparing what HWinfo shows and what Ryzen Master shows. The ones in RM are the ones I have set in the BIOS.
Motherboard is MSI x570 Unify with latest bios AA0 (ComboAM4v2PI CPU Ryzen 5900X.


Strange is that on the next run it showed them correct, and also some additional fields have been shown (cldo vddp ...)

I am not sure if this is bug or not, or may be something on my side is wrong.
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What PBO Scalar value are you using? I can't see it on the screenshot.
Also attaching the HWiNFO Debug File might be helpful.
Might be due to some glitch that prevented HWiNFO from reading advanced parameters. Could be caused by some other application interfering with HWiNFO.
Hi Marting.

I was able to reproduce it. In my observation it happens only first time hwinfo is run after boot and only when before that I have been in BIOS. (Even without doing any change). Also captured debugs. Boot hwinfo autostarts and not showing correct = 1-HWiNFO64.DBG. Then I quit hwinfo and run it again and it reports correctly = 2-HWiNFO64.DBG.
In the zip file there is also screenshot from bios pbo settings and hwinfo cpu reports.


Thanks! I can see the issue now, but not sure why it happens - the SMU refuses to initially provide information. Will try to implement a workaround, but not sure if that will solve it.
Here is something more .. it happened even after normal reboot (without going into bios before that). I think it may be you are right about some other app interfering with hwinfo. I have MSI AB and Aquasuite. I disabled autostart for hwinfo and now 5-6 times after boot when i run it manually it shows correct readings. It could be some race conditions to happen when it starts on boot together with MSI AB or aquasuite service.
I tried to check if the issue happens with older versions. Here is the result:
6.34.4300 - ok
6.40.4330 - ok
6.41.4355 beta - x
6.42.4360 - x
7.06.4500 - x
7.07.4525 beta - x

So after 6.40 it happens, in 6.40 and before there is no issue with initial reading of cpu details.