HWINFO64 closes or crashes after 3 days uptime on Win 11


Weird one this. Successfully imported registry file for sensors from another win 10 partition and running portable HWI64 v7.06. But after 3 days uptime 16 hours HWI just closes and I have to go to folder to restart. Any ideas? No errors shown.
None I'm afraid. Try with clean settings.
I'm also not sure if Windows 11 is mature enough and this can be considered a problem in HWiNFO.
Ah, so it was Task Scheduler stopping the HWiNFO task? This is the default setting for new tasks, but when HWiNFO sets up its Auto Start it disables this execution time limit.
Should be easy to check - Disable Auto Start in HWiNFO, click OK. Then enable it, click OK and check in Task Scheduler whether this option is enabled.
It was off when following your instructions but I may have created the task for portable and not disabled the 3 day execution stop. That would explain it.