HWiNFO64 freezing whole PC


I am having an issue with the program freezing my whole pc and forcing a manual reboot. The program starts no problem and seems to run fine for around 1 minute then freezes my system.

I have included the debug file.

i5 [email protected]
Asus Maximus VIII Hero
8GB Corsair Vengeance @ XMP 2400
ATI R9 280X


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This looks like a possible collision with another system monitoring tool. Are you maybe using other such tools (including ASUS AI Suite) in parallel ? If yes, try to close them.
I have MSI afterburner and Coretemp running. I will try closing both of those and running it again.
Same thing happened again. Runs fine for a minute or so then freezes the PC. I have rainmeter running also which is showing some stats like cpu usage etc so I will try without that running.

Also added the debug file for that last try.


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Rainmeter should not be an issue, but tools like Intel XTU, ASUS AI Suite and similar.
Maybe a BIOS update might help...
Ok so the same thing happened again. This time I had turned off Afterburner, Core Temp and Rainmeter and still it froze after 1 min or so. I have again included the debug file.

The only other programs which are running are Sonic Suite 2 (onboard audio), Asus audio centre (Xonar d2x), logitech software for the G930 headset, ati CCC 15.11.1, and spybot SD resident.

Edit: I am running the 1202 bios which is quite recent and is rock solid stable everywhere else. Im not using Asus AI suite. dont even have it installed. Never used intel XTU either.


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Hmmm, this 3rd run froze at a slightly different place. Originally I was suspecting a certain case, but now it seems different, might be random...
Please try to disable Drive Scan in HWiNFO.
I disabled drive scan and it seems to be running fine now without freezing the system. Is that for HDD's?
Yes, it disables all queries for HDDs/SSDs/ODDs.
If it runs well now, then I suspect your ASMedia storage driver crashes when being queried by HWiNFO.
Maybe trying to upgrade/change the ASMedia driver might fix the problem and allow to run with full drive support..
Checking the Asus site there is only one driver available for the asmedia sata controller from 11th november and it is the same one im currently using. :/
After a bit of googling I found a newer version from 20th nov and have installed that. I will try to enable drive scan again now and let you know if it works or not.
Bleh, froze again.

Debug file included. I will try looking again to see if there is another newer driver than

If not I will just use it without drive scan.


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I found another newer driver, version, installed it and now everything seems to be working fine with no freezes and drive scan enabled. :)

Edit: Actually I've just noticed a couple of HDD's have now disappeared..
While hwinfo now runs without freezing my pc, it does make 2 of my drives vanish when it starts. The drives were back after a reboot then as soon as hwinfo started they disappeared again.
Well this gets stranger and stranger...

After running hwinfo and 2 of my drives vanish as described above, my pc also wont reboot. I click restart, my monitor goes off then the system just hangs like that with the HDD LED constantly on and I have to hold down the power button to force a reboot.

I'm just going to run it with drive scan disabled. I only want to use it for rainmeter anyway and I can live without drive info no worries. I will run it once more though with drive scan enabled in debug mode and leave the file here for you to check.
All those symptoms are just different manifestations of the same problem with ASMedia drivers.
Running with drive scan disabled is certainly the best option until this is fully resolved.
Here is the debug file.

Funnily enough, although the drives vanished from windows again this time, I still see them in hwinfo. Last time they disappeared from both hwinfo and windows lol. Talk about random! :D

Anyway, Going to just use hwinfo without drive scan now.

Thanks again for your support. :)


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There's just one more thing that you could try - I'd like to know whether the crash happens also when the sensors window is not active. So please enable Drive Scan again and then run without Sensor-only mode and don't open the sensors window. So just launch HWiNFO, which by default should show the main and summary windows only. Leave it so for a few minutes and watch if the machine will freeze. This might tell me whether there's a way how to workaround the problem with ASMedia drivers...