Hwinfo64 gpu power sensor not show

Hello! like in thread title and in other past threads here, I've some issue with Gpu power sensor (Watt nor percentage) not showed.

tried with hwinfo from 5.52 to 5.55, always resetting gpu i2cache and settings from welcome screen before runs and nvidia driver from 378.78 to 382.15

almost spended many hours at this, last time Ive got this problem (when upgraded my gpu on laptop), went away after a software reinstall and simply upgrade to newer version (5.22 at time).

I'm on windows7x64, the gpu is a 1080 gtx, the laptop is an evoc/eurocom f5.

Here the debug file generated (4.3MB)


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Presence of the GPU Power sensor depends solely on NVIDIA drivers, more specific on the NVML library, which is part of their driver set.
According to the dump you provided I can see that the drivers you use don't support NVML.
But I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with which NVIDIA drivers support NVML. It would be best to check with NVIDIA (their forums or support) about this.
And thanks for your donation !
I think this is rather due to completely missing of NVML in the driver package, or that the package does install it on some systems only.
NVML is a standard part of workstation GPU series installations and as far as I know it used to be also part of some other installation.
This lies completely in NVIDIA's hands..
Yes, on Win10 I can see NVML being present. So it must be a difference in driver installation process on Win7/10.
finally got it working after ddu wiping and importing hwinfo64 5.55-3220 .reg and .ini generated from win10, thanks again for effort!
I'm sorry, I can't do anything here. It's completely in NVIDIA's hands if they decided to remove NVML from new versions.