hwinfo64 or cpuz wrong frequency?


I don't know if it is a problem given by hwinfo64 or cpuz, but the frequencies are different see photos during stress test


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Well, the CPU frequency is calculated by multiplying the bus clock (usually 100 MHz) with the multiplier (47 in your case). Since the bus clock is shown as 23 MHz the result is 1081 MHz instead of 4700 MHz. The effective core clocks are shown correctly, though.

Please attach the HWiNFO Debug File, I need to see more details why the bus clock is reported as 23 MHz.
I'd still be interested to see Debug File of the situation when it was showing wrong. Could you please try to create this file with virtualization enabled?
Thanks! Looks like it's the virtualization that masks several interfaces which can be used to reliably determine BCLK.
new debug file because has same problem with virtualization enabled


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i don't thik, is disable


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Couldn't see these screen shots before but if all this VM stuff is true on 11 why does older v6.08 not react the same way after hours of use ?
Beside this is also an issue on win-10 on at least x299
VM features are disabled in bios and mostly defender is disable core/... isolation features are also disabled/ off.