HWiNFOMonitor 2.0 & HWiNFO64 7


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The HWiNFOMonitor 2.0 sidebar gadget no longer functions with HWiNFO 7 without turning on Shared Memory Support (a feature that was just limited in the new version to drive users to the Pro version); with previous versions, I've never had to turn on Shared Memory for the HWiNFOMonitor gadget to work.

Until now.

I've installed HWiNFO on almost every Windows machine I've owned or built/worked on for others for years and, while I understand providing software costs money, gimping the HWiNFOMonitor 2.0 gadget, provided *here*, by forcing one to activate Shared Memory Support (time-limited unless you buy Pro) kind of pisses me off.
It's explained here:
Yeah, I read that, only after my stuff stopped working.

I understand that your time is money, even more so with more work put into this; I appreciate it, I really do. However, when I fire my computer up this morning, see the HWiNFO update window pop up, update and see my sidebar gadgets stop reading info from HWiNFO, then read as to why the gadgets stopped working correctly after having installed the update, you might be able to understand why it might initially piss me or others off. This little parting shot in your update notes posted above, though, really made me see red:

Q: I don't like this change, it should be free!
A: We don't live in communism and have to pay our bills.

You know, the old saying is that you can draw more bees with honey than you can with vinegar; attempting to insult or shame your ardent hardcore users that aren't happy with this *very major* change by calling them "communists" ain't gonna get you as many paid licenses as you'd like, which is a damn shame, because it *is* good software. Right now, I'm very much on the fence on whether I want to spend $25 of my hard-earned money to support someone who calls me a "communist" because I don't like the changes they made (even though I understand why) or to roll back to the last v6.x version and use it until it stops working or introduces a security hole I can't mitigate.

Your move...
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Sorry if you misunderstood the last sentence, I didn't mean to call anyone a communist. Just saying that it's impossible to have many things free and work completely for free unless we all live in a true communism ;) Because there everything would be free.
It's your choice, no one is forcing you to anything. You can stay with the last 6.xx version or use the non-Pro.
I am using windows 11, I cant move the widget in a desired position. It sticks on top right on main monitor.