HwReceiver/HwTransmitter (Android App)

1st - great app, have it running on an old tab - so i always got my screen free and have all temps and fans in a eye while playing :D

i'm missing a small thing - is there a way to transfare config from one to another device so i don't have to setup all that sensors again on my mobilephone? ;)

keeg going it! and hope you don't stop supporting android 4 - dat tab can't be upgraded  :D
Would you be interested in making this application open-source?

I think it would be a great idea! I would try contributing to your project as I am very interested in this type of work.
updated to v1.61

*fixed a few font colors for dark theme
*added option to set a custom scale for texts next to gauges
*added option to set a custom scale for temperature values
*changed min/max scale to automatically scale depending on input values
*fix a few scaling errors...