Inspiron 15 1564 fan


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My wife's Inspiron has been shutting down frequently, usually after about 20 minutes of use. HWInfo shows the temperature rising constantly, so I've shown her how to watch for red and then do a normal shutdown rather than have it crash. This is not ideal of course.

I suspect the fan may have failed completely - I can't hear it, and can't feel any airflow. But I don't see where fan speed is reported in HWInfo. Am I missing something? I haven't tried to use Fan Control because I have no idea what settings would be appropriate for this model. Does anyone have an idea what values to use?
You might see the fan speed under the DELL EC sensor, but I'm not sure whether your machine supports reading of fan speed.
But if such overheating happens and you think the fan might not be spinning at all, I suggest to take the notebook for repair.