Intel CPU 12th Gen Temperature spikes


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Hello together,

I have bought a new laptop (MSI Raider GE76 with i7 12700h) and faced some strange Temp spikes on startup and when i open programs. e.g. i am in idle at around 50 degrees and only opening chrome and the temp immediately jumps to 90 degrees and then instantly go back to 50. I assume this can't be true as my understanding thermal is not working like this. Also i tested another laptop with same cpu and didn't faced any such issues. could this be that my CPU or sensors have a problem?

Following spikes do I get from only opening chrome (also machine thermal throttles ? even tho it should run until 95 degrees bevore throttling. At ThrottleStop i see the Prochot95 blinking when chrome is opening and the spike happens.

Thanks in advance for your help

cpu spikes.png
Such sudden spikes can happen when the cooling/heat dissipation is not working properly. I'd check whether the thermal paste between CPU and cooler is properly applied.
can this really be the reason even on a brand new laptop? I am a little bit scared to make in more worse when i open a brand new 3k€ machine and repasting the chips... :D any recommendation for thermal paste?
If it's a new laptop under warranty then you should not open it as you'd lose it Better consult the manufacturer.
I have read in some regions the warranty will not be lost when opening the case for ram upgrade or repasting. is that wrong?
Check the warranty conditions of your vendor. Some also consider such spikes and the resulting occasional thermal throttling as normal and by design.