Is Dram Freq correct in Tiger Lake laptop CPUs with 3200mhz DDR4


I understand that in Gen 11 Intel Laptops (ie i7-117850H) with 3200mhz DDR4 ram, it must run at Gear 2

HWiNFO correctly shows this running in Gear 2.
It also shows the dram freq at about 1600 which I believe is correct.
However, there is no indication of what the memory controller freq is. In Gear 2, I think it should be about 800 (ie half of the dram freq).

Is there anywhere in HWiNFO that shows the memory controller speed of 800?

I want to ensure I am getting the full 3200 transfer (with double data rate of course).

CPU-Z shows the dram freq as 800 which I do not think is correct and I believe is actually the memory controller freq.

Please help.


CPU-Z currently doesn't report correct memory clock for Gen11 (Tiger Lake-U), AFAIK it will be fixed soon.
Aha. Thanks. So I can rely on HWIFO memory clock speed as correct even though it does not show the memory controller clock speed at 800?

So do you believe I am getting the full 3200 (with double data rate) on my machine with gear 2?

Thanks so much. I was considering sending the Lenovo back as I thought perhaps they had throttled back the memory to half speed for some reason (like overheating).
Interesting, 3200 at Gear 2 is not as good as 2800 at gear 1 due to latency. While I might be able to run at Gear 1, Lenovo gives no access to the bios or motherboard to change things.
Oh well.