Is there a way to save graph positions so I can reload it if I have to turn one monitor off then on again?


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First, I'd like to thank the authors of this fantastic piece of software. I've been really into PC building lately and I can't live without HWiNFO64.

Now on to my problem. I have 3 monitors on my main rig, one of which I use exclusively to monitor system variables by showing many graphs from HWiNFO64. I spend quite some time to place the graph windows just they way I like. However, I have to turn off one of the other monitors from time to time, and when I do that, all the graphs shift position and I have to move them one by one once again.

Is there a way to save or manage the positioning of all open graph windows so that I can load it back when I turn the monitor back on? It's quite time consuming to put everything back in place all the time. I'm using version 7.14.

There's no such capability that would work automatically. You'll need to create two different layouts for each monitor configuration and save them via "Backup User Settings". Then apply the particular settings and restart HWiNFO for each monitor configuration.