issue with hwinfo 64 hanging on analysing memory configuration


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I am running into some issues with hwinfo64
it takes 5 minutes to fully boot and scan everything
the longest is on memory configuration though
here is my log


  • HWiNFO64.DBG.7z
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Looks like there's some issue with SMBus on this system.
What is this machine actually? SMBIOS says just "SYSTEM_MANUFACTURER SYSTEM_PRODUCT_NAME", which is kind of weird or means some rather early model.
It is a umpc
One gx1 pro it is called .
The weird thing is that I have twice the same model .
One of them boots fine in 5 seconds and this one takes like 5 minutes
Does HWiNFO on the one that starts fast show DIMM details?
Disabling SMBus should help but in such case it won't be able to read DIMM SPD details and some sensors.