Licenses?? Personal vs Engineer vs Corporate


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Hello, I have been using HWInfo for quite some time now, have it installed on all 3 of my PC's. I would like to buy a license, but curious about which license will work in my environment. Being an infrastructure engineer my home environment includes an AD domain, and my 3 PC's along with my wife and son are joined. I like the functionally group policy gives me to tweak Windows without having to per machine. Anyway, will my PC's work with a personal license with them being on an AD domain? Other benchmarking apps will not work after joined, so I am hesitant to purchase until I know for sure I can use the license. I do not run a business so cannot justify the $200 cost for the engineer license. Maybe someone with HWInfo can chime in with a definitive answer, thanks.
If you're using HWiNFO for personal purposes only then a personal license will work. It doesn't have a restriction for domain usage.