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So i have Packard Bell EasyNote LM85-JN-449 FR moherboard SJV71_CP with 4gb ram ddr3 with 2*2gb sticks running on dual mode
when i check hwinfo it says i have 4 slots of ram and only 2 in use and that max memory is 16gb and same in cpu-z and spiccy programs all same info and i haven't yet checked if my laptop really have 4 slots of ram
i'm confused cause my cpu i3-370m only supports 8gb ram and HM55 intel chipset also supports only 8gb ram and only with 2 slots as Crucial site says!!!
So is this kind of false information from hwinfo cpu-z spiccy aida64 programs does really my laptop have 4 slots of ram and max 16gb

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This information is provided by the BIOS but sometimes system/BIOS vendors don't populate this correctly and we have no other way to determine if this is the case.
For this kind of information it's best to consult the notebook manual.
I couldn't find any manual to this laptop model i wanted to upgrade ram from 4gb to 8gb and i didn't know what to choose :

Either buy 2*2gb and run in dual mode in slot 3 and 4 or buy only single 4gb and run it in slot 3 and 1*4gb is a bit less expensive than 2*2gb
Then best is to try to open the laptop. There should be an accessible door at the bottom usually with 1 screw. One might be for the disk and another one for the memory slots.
It's unlikely this system has 4 DIMM slots. Take a look at the pictures on the end of this page:

If the system still uses an HDD, it's worth swapping it for an SSD, as this will be a huge upgrade. Though you have to decide for yourself if it makes sense for such an old system.

Yeah still uses HDD , look what's been writed in the page tho : Four gigabytes of RAM are represented by two dice of two gigabytes. At the same time, two more slots remain free: if desired, the amount of memory can be easily increased to eight gigabytes.
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