Memory Clock incorrect


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HWInfo64 was reporting great up till this morning when I updated to 6.28-4200 and now the MEMORY CLOCK value shows my system as 1,336.3 Mhz, when it is running at 1600Mhz.
I viewed both Ryzen Master and Windows 10 Performance monitor and they are still showing as 1600Mhz.
Is this a bug in my system or in the latest HWInfo64 update?

Thanks for any help you can give.
yeah sorry I found that debug instruction in the forum sticky. (ps. you might want to destroy the "KNown issues" sticky) as that was the first thing I went too, saw it hadnt been udpated since 2012 and decided to not waste my time reading the "read this before submitting".

EDIT -- the forum wont allow me to attach saying "the file is too large for the server to process", so here is a link:

P.S. in quitting HWInfo64 and restarting in Debug mode - the memclock is back to 1600Mhz?!
Is that normal that a sensor would report wrongly until a restart?
Sorry for all the questions
That can happen if the initial bus clock is not properly measured - later Windows 10 versions can mess-up the counter.
Try again without Debug Mode what bus clock and memory clock is shown.
Thanks for the info Martin. Its continuing to show as 1600Mhz (both in HWiNFO itself, and in the "gadget")
Looks like all is well again,
Thanks for the help, and sorry for the non-issue!