Need help with sensor analysis


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[font=Roboto, arial, sans-serif]Hello,,

What does Temperature 4 / 5 / 6 stand for on the Gigabyte board "GA-Z170-HD3P"? (Sensor type ITE IT8628E)[/font]

[font=Roboto, arial, sans-serif][size=large][font=Roboto, arial, sans-serif]In short:

I get a "VR Thermal Alert" on Pime95 29.3, which causes the processor to run down.

And that's why I need to know, what is a component on the board 4/5/6?[/font]



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I'm sorry, but I don't know the meaning of those values. They are not officially reported by GIGABYTE, so they can either be invalid, or monitoring some components like VRM. But only GIGABYTE knows this for sure.