Need Help With Understanding Something


I'm running a Ryzen3600x
motherboard MSI B450 gaming pro carbon
custom liquid cooled
RTX 2060 super

Can someone please help me understand this because my processor is running at .5ghz
Annotation 2020-04-19 105100.png
There seems to be Thermal Throttling occurring and since it's PROCHOT EXT that's active, this might be triggered by some external chip (i.e. LPC/SIO) instead of the CPU (which runs cool).
Not sure what exactly is causing this here, perhaps a BIOS issue. Try to reboot the system if this persists.
Also try to power off the system and remove power cable or switch the PSU switch off for a few seconds and then start again if this persists.
I turned off the system and still reads .5ghz. If it's a bios issue do you think flashing an older version might help?
You could try that, but if this problem persists, I'd suggest to contact MSI and if they can't help, do an RMA of the mainboard.