New gadget for HWinfo32



I really like HWinfo32 but i think you gadget is not superb.

I have founded and installed there gadget:

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I really love it, very nice, clear, graph etc. etc :P

:idea: I suggest you may work with this site to make an awesome gadget, the ultimate gadget which can be customizable: the HW meter gadget :!: :!:

For now, one gadget of this website support the soft "coretemp" but only for temp of CPU.

What do you think :?:
I am offering a simple gadget only, since I currently don't have enough time and resources to make a better one.
However, the interface from HWiNFO32 to the Gadget is open and if there's anyone willing to make a more advanced Gadget I'll gladly support it and when finished can post this new Gadget on the HWiNFO32 site too.
Why is it so bad? I offer the interface to implement a Gadget, so if any of the Gadget authors wants to add HWiNFO32 support, I offer the support from my side too.
But have you some contact with this site (addgadget)?

Because i think they have the source code, so not so many work for them to do the gadget for HWinfo32: it can be benefit for us AND for you.

Maybe you can contact them to make a deal (think about that: when a user discover the HWinfo32 gadget on their website, he discover your soft. And the same, if you purpose the gadget make by us on your site, your "own user" will discovered other gadget from addgadget, so benefit for both, no?)

Sure, it might be beneficiar for all. However I don't have a contact to any such Gadget developers.
:) I sent the request and waiting for response..
If you find any other Gadgets, feel free to contact them (I'll assist if they need help or information).

tma86 said:
awesome!! if the best gadget joint the force of the best HW monitor it can be incredible!!