No fan info on ASUS G75VW


Hi, in one of the previous versions of HWiNFO it was stated that fan speed monitoring was added for ASUS G75VW. I have this notebook, and I see no info on fan speeds, neither CPU fan nor GPU fan. I use HWiNFO64, version 5.60-3280, under Windows 10 Home.
Please attach the HWiNFO Debug File with sensor data and I will check this.
I am not sure what you mean with Debug File. All I found in HWiNFO is an option to save report. If this is the same, here I attach the report.


  • G75VW.HTM
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Ok, thanks for instructions :) Here are both the DBG file and the report file.


  • HWiNFO64.DBG
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  • G75VW.HTM
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According to the dumps I can see fans detected. The CPU fan wasn't spinning at that time, but you should see RPM of the GPU fan.
Please check again the "ASUS G75/X75 EC" sensor.
Under "ASUS G75/X75 EC" in the sensor window I have blanks:

That's because you have disabled monitoring of this sensor (probably due to the initial warning about this sensor displayed by HWiNFO).
Hit the "Ins" key over the sensor heading and it will show it then.
Aha, now I remembered that when I first run HWiNFO, it asked me that there might some safety reasons to ignore some sensor (it was ASUS G75/X75 EC, but it did not prompt that it is related to fans), so I chose to continue without monitoring this sensor. So no bug at all (though I wonder why HWiNFO should warn about monitoring fans - is that sometimes dangerous?). Thanks a lot for help.
No, it's not dangerous. Only on some systems reading those sensors can cause higher system latency or lags.