No fans detected for Lenovo Yoga Pro 9 14IRP8


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the latest HWiNFO64 version at this time (v7.61 Build 5185) is unable to detect/read fan RPMs for my laptop Lenovo Yoga Pro 9 14IRP8.

Attaching file HWiNFO64.DBG (zip-compressed).

Could you please add support for reading or, even better, controlling fan speeds?

Thanks a lot


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Ok, I understand you don't intend to support fan control, but what about just reading current fan states/RPMs? Is that something that can be added?
As explained above - both fan speed monitoring and control and proprietary and kept secret by the manufacturer.
I'd surely like to add support but can't get required information how to do that.
OK from reading the linked post I didn't realize that even reading the current fan speeds is difficult.

Thanks for your patience. This proprietary stuff is really unfortunate, especially given a lot of laptops have fan curves that ramp up too quickly even under light load, resulting in start and stop patterns.