no sensor for motherboard shown

Dear folks,
in my list of sensors there is no one which checks motherboard temperature. Other systemcheck addons i used always report motherboard temperature too.
Is this a bug or what can i do?
Thank you in advance for any help,
best Stefan
How should I give you an advice if you didn't provide any details about your system?
Dear Martin, i thought may i havent pushed the right button or so and no further data necessary. Please find enclosed the report. Dont know how to create Debug File. Hope the infos enclosed are enough. It seems that no information included when i do a report about Sensors.
Thanks for your help,
best Stefan


Please see above the link how to create Debug File. Also make sure to open the sensors window when creating it.
Thanks, that's it.
We don't have dedicated sensor adjustments for this system yet. But I think the temperature currently shown as Auxiliary might be the mainboard temperature.
What sensor values are shown in the BIOS ?
Only value for CPU shown in the BIOS. The reason why I want know the motherboard temperature is that I`ve used another system check addon. After 10min of gaming the motherboard temperature jumped from 50C to 126 C within 1 sek. It seems, that this is not a true temperature increase but I would like to check. I tried another addon for system check. There i have at the motherboard the following temperature indication: TMPIN 3, 5, 6 and 8. TMPIN 3 seems to be the right value as it matches the value in my previous used programm. And like in the other programm, after about 10 min of gaming, another temperature has been shown and called SYSTIN and also 126 C. TMPIN 3 remains and has the normale Temperature like before. So for me it seems, that there is a sensor which sends a wrong temperature after about 10 min. As the TMPIN 3 remains normal and my pc doesn`t show any bad reactions (Game runs smooth and CPU and GPU temperatures are fine), al seems fine. But I want to be 100% sure, that my motherboard doesnt get 126C as mentioned in both Systemcheck programms. Now someone told me also to use HW Info. But it seems, there is no temperature value for my motherboard at the moment. What do you think about my 126 C of motherboard or and my experience with the other two system chek programms? Thank you advance for any help, best, Stefan PS: Sorry for the difficulties today to get debug report, I`ve tried my best, but didnt managed it that well.
126 C is certainly a wrong temperature.
Sensor chips are usually equipped with several temperature sensor inputs, but only some of them are connected. The rest is then reporting invalid data, 126 C being one such value. This depends on board design.
For your system it's not certain that it supports monitoring of the mainboard temperature. If the BIOS doesn't show such value, then I think it's rather unlikely that it's capable of this.