Operatiing system does not support SHS256 driver signing


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My first post in here.

  At install of HWinfor on Windows7 I am getting the Operating system does not support SHA256 driver signing.
Then an instruction to run the fix called KB3033929 (which I have now memorized and didn't have to look up.)

  That fix procedure also failed and produced another error.

Perhaps this is a common question but I saw nothing on it for trying in your search box.

  I'm puzzled by the fact that a friend who installed HWInfo to Windows XP had no difficulty.

  I also tried to run the instruction for temporarily turning off signing at the command prompt which also failed.

Is there a solution to this?
This has been discussed several times here, last a few days ago.
You will need to install KB3033929, otherwise HWiNFO (and any other tool or driver signed using SHA-256) will not work.
If you has troubles installing KB3033929, then it's some problem in the operating system.
Yes I've had another problem.   That is shown in the attached screen shot.  If no answer here, I'll
just have to move past HWinfo.


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That's some problem of the Windows Installer or Windows Update service on your machine, or your Windows installation is corrupted somehow.
This issue is beyond the scope of this forum, you will need to check on Windows forums/support.
Good luck. AFAIK most comparable tools use SHA-256 signed drivers, so they will be affected too.