Powercolor Red Devil 6800xt weird power read out while Idle


I can quite explain, but when the GPU is idle, HWinfo does not report for a certain amount of time GPU sensor goes grey then comes back white with updated info. If there is a load on the GPU, it consistently reports no grey reset read-outs; it works as it should. I have tried stable and beta release.

Here is a link. I did a video of what it does.



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That means the readout is failing because the GPU doesn't return correct data.
It's a known issue on the 6xxx series, but no solution yet. Could be related somehow to idle/low power state and perhaps a future driver update will fix this.
Thanks for the info; also, I notice that it only shows one GPU fan when there are three. Is it driver related or software?
None of the known functions for AMD GPUs seem to support individual fan RPM, so I assume they all are driven at same speed.