pressing enter with mouse on top of hwinfo window will minimize it


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I do not know if this is by design or is there a way to fix it. I have hwinfo open up at another monitor and while gaming, some time my mouse accidentally hover toward that monitor. when i press "enter" as an action in that game, the hwinfo window will minimize by itself. and i have to reopen it again. it is very annoying that why pressing enter minimize the window? and there is no way to disable that?
This is a common user-interface feature. The default button is the Close button that does minimize the window or close the application depending on how it's configured. You can switch to a different default button by pressing the Tab key.
I assume you have the sensors window open. Pressing the Tab key there will change the default button.
still nothing. I tried pressing tab on all the window. still nothing popup. Basically my monitoring display look like the screen shot in attached.


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Noting will popup, but pressing the Tab key changes the default button to a different one, so when you accidentally hit Enter while HWiNFO window is active, it won't close it.