Remote Monitoring


Yes, I had some plans for remote monitoring, but haven't found enough time to realize this yet.
Anyway if you ask this as a BOINC user, I'm not sure if you know the BoincTasks tool. It's a great freeware tool to monitor and manage your remote machines running BOINC. Some time ago I have contacted its author about integration with HWiNFO, which would additionally allow you to monitor all hardware parameters. He thinks it's an interesting idea and has put this into his to-do list. However he is currently very busy so it might take some time until this gets realized.
Okay, glad to hear that :)

BTW, I run BOINC on my Android Cell and F@H on my computers. While I can control my remote systems via F@H, it would be nice to get the system information to ensure that nothing is overheat and folding smoothly.

If BoincTasks Tool can actually run on an Android, it would be amazing to see all the device status in a single window, combining PCs, laptops and cells... kind of like a Hollywood Sci-Fi Computer :cool: